Choose Your Hashira AP Box 5 Choices *All Locked APs*

Choose Your Hashira: Mitsuri Box


Choose Your Hashira AP Box  5 Choices *All Locked APs*

  • Must be ordered alone with no other items. 
  • $30 or more Value guaranteed for 2 FiGPiNs
  • 2 FiGPiNs chosen at random from our store selection of FiGPiN’s and some SURPRISE EXCLUSIVES
  • 20 Boxes and 1 of these boxes will contain a grand prize The Demon Slayer Hashira Listed 
  • Limited time while supplies last
  • Items will ship out at end of month once all boxes have been purchased this is to ensure we try and include many of the newer releases .
  • All Sales final no cancels or refunds

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